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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
Quick Start Sample Integration - Languages and Voices

Voice and Language Example

As explained in File Location Resolving, language-specific files (SoundBanks and streamed audio files) are managed by the Low-Level I/O system. The default Low-Level I/O system, CAkDefaultLowLevelIO, supports this if you set the language-specific subdirectory name with a call to AK::StreamMgr::SetCurrentLanguage().

The following code changes the current language by:

  1. Unloading currently loaded language-specific SoundBanks
  2. Changing the language-specific path with a call to AK::StreamMgr::SetCurrentLanguage()
  3. Reloading language-specific SoundBanks
#define BANKNAME_HUMAN L"Human.bnk"
// Unload language-specific banks that are currently loaded
AK::SoundEngine::UnloadBank( BANKNAME_HUMAN, NULL );
// Change the language-specific path
// Reload the banks we've just unloaded, this time in the new language
AkBankID bankID;
AK::SoundEngine::LoadBank( BANKNAME_HUMAN, AK_DEFAULT_POOL_ID, bankID );

You can experiment with this with the "Current language" dropdown list in the sample program.

Refer to Default Low-Level I/O Implementation for more information on the default Low-Level I/O module, and File Location Resolving for more details on file localization.

Refer to Identifying Banks for more information on SoundBank identification.

Note: This sample code comes from the Sound Engine Integration Sample Project available in the Samples section. Refer to Integration Demo Sample for more information.