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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
WAAPI Samples

The following sample pages give simple demonstrations of how to set up WAAPI with different languages and protocols, write code for a corresponding basic project, and run the project.

To start, however, you should validate that WAAPI is set up to run properly by first attempting to open <Wwise installation path>/SDK/samples/WwiseAuthoringAPI/js/hello-wwise-web-http/index.html in your browser. If it displays Hello Wwise v###.#.#!, then you are connected to the corresponding version of Wwise and are ready to head to the next samples. If, on the other hand, it displays Not connected., then none of the other samples will work. Make sure that:

  1. You have the corresponding version of Wwise open;
  2. You have enabled WAAPI within the Wwise User Preferences by selecting Enable Wwise Authoring API;
  3. You don't have any modal windows open in Wwise; and
  4. You are using a supported browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Opera).
Note: Many of the following samples download libraries, so you will need an Internet connection.
Caution: Be sure to have properly understood Network Security before starting with these samples.