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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
Important Migration Notes (2010.1)
  • New Work Units: Starting with 2010.1, Conversion Settings can now be stored into sharesets in their own work unit files. When migrating a project created in a previous version, similar conversion settings are regrouped together into sharesets. This is done once, the first time you open a project to be migrated. After the project migration, if your project is under source control, you must add the following folders and their workunit files (found under the project’s folder) to the source control:
    • Conversion Settings
    • Mixing Sessions
    • * As always, make sure only one person in your workgroup take care of the migration. This person should validate the migrated project, add new files to the source control and commit the migrated project in the source control.
  • Low-Level I/O Hooks API Change: If you upgrade your title from an earlier version of the Wwise SDK, your low-level I/O hook will compile properly with the old API. However, the meaning of AkTransferInfo::uRequestedSize has changed. If you used the Low-Level I/O samples of the SDK (see Default Low-Level I/O Implementation) as-is, ensure that you replace your Low-Level I/O files with the new ones. This is even more important on the Wii, where earlier versions of the sample I/O hooks will crash in the Revolution SDK's I/O system. On the other hand, if you use your own custom implementations of the I/O hooks, you should not have to change anything: AkTransferInfo::uRequestedSize is the correct amount of data that should be pulled from your file manager.
  • External Sources and Low-level I/O File Location Resolver: If you plan to use the new External Sources feature, you will have to handle them in your implementation of the File Location Resolver interface of the Low-Level I/O subsystem. The default implementation provided as a sample of the SDK (in CAkFileLocationBase - see Default Low-Level I/O Implementation for more details) searches for external wave files in the same location as normal streamed files. The sample was slightly modified in order to support this. Thus, ensure that you merge these changes into your game.