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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
Important Migration Notes 2015.1

WG-4849 Added support for having multiple platform versions.

A new feature now allows you to create more than one platform per target platform.

  • While migrating, your project will automatically create one custom platform per existing platform in use in your project. We are preserving the exact same platform names. That way your command line scripts will be working properly after migration. Generated SoundBank paths will stay the same. But now be aware that if you choose to rename or add custom platforms, your custom tools may need to be updated accordingly to support the new platforms you will create.
  • If you had previously set keyboard shortcuts to quickly access platforms, they may be lost.
    This is per user machine. It is not connected to the project itself.
  • While migrating, if your project had leftover data from a disabled platform, this data will be removed from the project. If this data is relevant, make sure you activate the disabled platform in your previous version of Wwise before migrating.

WG-26052 Removed the AkCopyStreamedFiles.exe tool.

Wwise ships with a new command-line tool "CopyStreamedFiles.exe", which supports the latest SoundBank XML metadata format changes.

  • While migrating, your post-generation steps will be automatically converted to use this new tool.

WG-26233 Migration of media loaded via PrepareEvent() API

In an effort to save memory at runtime by not storing per-sound offsets and bank identifiers, we have changed the way that the PrepareEvent() API locates media files. As a result, games that use the PrepareEvent() API to load media on-demand will have to adjust their SoundBank organization. In Wwise 2015.1, media that is loaded via PrepareEvent() must exist as loose files that are accessible by the file system. If these media files are contained in a SoundBank, they will no longer be located by the SoundBank Manager. To migrate, simply remove media files that will be loaded via PrepareEvent() from all SoundBanks. The CopyStreamedFiles utility is configured by default to copy loose files that are not contained in any bank (as well as streamed files) to the target destination.

Please refer to the Installation and Migration Guide for general advice about migrating projects to a new version of Wwise.