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Wwise Unity Integration Documentation
Build Log

Warnings and error messages are displayed in the Unity Editor console and in the Build Log. The Build Log file contains more detailed messages created while building the Integration. The Build Log is stored in the following location:


The log messages are displayed in the following format:

Time: Message type: Source Code File name (Module name): Line number: Message body


2013-09-26 09:29:56,490: INFO: (WindowsBuilder): 91: Building: Windows (Win32, Debug) ...

The log file accumulates and rotates to a new file after an hour. You can modify the rotation behavior by configuring the BuildUtil.CreateLogger() function in the following file from the Wwise Unity Integration source package:\Wwise\AkSoundEngine\Common\AkSoundEngine\Common\

Refer to the Python logging.handlers module for more information.

On certain platforms, additional log files may be generated by an IDE such as Visual Studio. The additional files are available under the same folder with the keyword IDE in their filenames.