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Wwise Unity Integration Documentation
Important Migration Notes 2017.1

The following breaking changes have been made to the AkCallbackManager.

  • AkCallbackManager.AudioInterruptionCallback() has a new signature:
    public delegate AKRESULT AudioInterruptionCallback(bool in_bEnterInterruption, object in_Cookie);
  • AkCallbackManager.BGMCallback() has a new signature:
    public delegate AKRESULT BGMCallback(bool in_bOtherAudioPlaying, object in_Cookie);
  • AkCallbackManager.EventCallback() has a new signature:
    public delegate void EventCallback(object in_cookie, AkCallbackType in_type, AkCallbackInfo in_info);
  • The callback classes are no longer nested within AkCallbackManager and have a hierarchy with many inheriting from AkCallbackInfo. Wherever possible, the associations and members of these classes mimic the syntax of their C++ counterparts.
  • The gameObjID member of the callback classes is now of type ulong instead of IntPtr.
  • The class AkCallbackManager.AkMidiEventCallbackInfo is now AkMIDIEventCallbackInfo. (Please note the capitalization of "MIDI".)
  • The class AkCallbackManager.AkMusicSyncCallbackInfoBase has been removed. Use AkMusicSyncCallbackInfo instead.
  • All of the members of AkCallbackManager.AkMusicSyncCallbackInfo.segmentInfo have been exposed as members of AkMusicSyncCallbackInfo.segmentInfo_*.