Voice starvation.

This error indicates that the sound engine could not generate the next audio buffer in time to avoid buffer exhaustion. The audio output may have glitched.

Probable causes:

  • The general CPU load is very high.

  • Other threads are pre-empting the audio thread.

  • The audio load is very high (too many voices to process).

Recommended resolution steps:

  • Connect the Wwise profiler and evaluate the CPU %, the number of voices and the number and type of effects running.

  • Find ways to cull some voices with instance limiting.

  • Find ways to cull some voices and game objects from the game side (objects 10 km from the listener don't need to exist at all).

  • Send voices to virtual earlier.

  • Reduce the number or quality of effects.

  • Change the codec used for sources or the compression quality (Vorbis is more CPU intensive than the rest, in many quality settings).

  • Connect a code profiler to your game and check if there are other threads with equal or higher priority that may be pre-empting the audio thread.

  • Make sure your sound engine thread priorities are higher than the normal game threads.

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