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Changing Game Parameter Values During Playback

When an object is loaded into the Transport Control, the associated RTPCs are displayed in the Games Syncs area. A slider is provided so that you can change the Game Parameters while you are playing back your object. Since you have already mapped these values to Wwise property values, when you change the Game Parameter values, you automatically change the object property values. This simulates what happens in game when the Game Parameters change and you can verify how effectively your property mappings will work in game. To learn more about creating Game Parameters and mapping property values to them, refer to the following sections:

You can audition these property changes during playback in your simulation.

To modify Game Parameter values during playback:

  1. Load an object into the Transport Control.

  2. In the Game Syncs area, click RTPCs.

    The Game Parameters that have been mapped to the object will be displayed.

  3. Click the Play icon.

    While the object is playing, you can use the RTPC slider to change the Game Parameter values to see how your sound reacts to the changes.

[Note] Note

To return the Game Parameters to their default settings, click Reset > Reset All Game Parameters.

[Note] Note

To bypass Game Parameter interpolation, hold Ctrl while using the RTPC slider in Transport Control, or the Game Parameter cursor in the RTPC tab of the Property Editor.