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Wwise Help

Wwise Help is a context-sensitive help system that contains both reference topics describing each view, field, and option in Wwise, and task-based information. The documentation is divided into separate parts to provide you with comprehensive and easy-to-find information about Wwise.

  • Part I, “Where to Begin?” - Includes an overview of the Wwise documentation set, an introduction to many of the concepts in Wwise and getting started information to get you up and running with Wwise quickly, and some helpful information on organizing your workspace and working efficiently with Wwise.

  • Part II, “Setting Up Your Projects” - Includes conceptual and procedural information on how to set up a project, either alone or within a Workgroup environment, how to define or adjust platforms for your project, how to deal with the assets in your project, and how to build and get the most out of the Wwise hierarchy of assets.

  • Part III, “Using Sounds and Motion to Enhance Gameplay - Includes conceptual and procedural information on how to enhance the rich and immersive game environments using a variety of properties and behaviors, effects, motion, positioning settings, and playback priority.

  • Part IV, “Interacting with the Game” - Includes conceptual and procedural information on how to use events, dynamic sequences, and Wwise game syncs to drive the sounds in your game.

  • Part V, “Creating Interactive Music” - Includes an overview and introduction to the Interactive Music concepts in Wwise, along with extensive procedural information on how to create interactive music for your game.

  • Part VI, “Finishing Your Project” - Includes information on how to create the final mix, troubleshoot and simulate different aspects of your project, and generate the SoundBanks and file packages for your game.

  • Part VII, “Working with Wwise” - Describes the functionality of specific Wwise views to help you get up and running quickly with the software.

  • Part VIII, “Wwise Reference” - Provides complete information about all the options and views in Wwise, and is accessible through the contextual help.

  • Part IX, “Wwise Plug-ins” - Provides descriptions of each option for the source and effect plug-ins that ship with Wwise.

  • Part X, “Wwise Tools” - Provides information about various tools that ship with Wwise, including the Multi-Channel Creator.

  • Part XI, “Appendix” - Provides supplementary reference information on Wwise downmix behavior, regular expression use, and default keyboard shortcuts.

  • Glossary - Provides an alphabetical list of Wwise and audio-related terms with corresponding definitions.