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The Wwise Launcher

Wwise, its tools, samples, integrations, and other components are installed, uninstalled, and opened using the Wwise Launcher, hereafter referred to simply as the Launcher.

To install the Launcher:

  1. Click Download Wwise from the Audiokinetic website's download page.
  2. On Windows: Run the downloaded WwiseLauncher.msi.
    On Mac: Run the downloaded WwiseLauncher.pck.

After you have downloaded and installed the Launcher, occasional prompts will request to install updates. Although you will not have to run them immediately, it is highly recommended to stay up to date. They are quick and will not impact your Wwise installations and integrations.

[Note] Wwise Launcher System Requirements

Like Wwise, the Launcher works on Windows and Mac. And, if you have the necessary Wwise System Requirements, you will have all you need for the Launcher in terms of memory, RAM, and processing power.

You will, however, need a stable Internet connection. Without one, the Launcher will still be able to start already-installed Wwise versions and their components; but, installing new versions or components, retrieving news and community content in the Home tab, and connecting to your customer portal will not be possible.