API Changes and Limitations

The following features and functions of the native Wwise SDK are not supported, or their behaviors have been modified in the Integration (most recent change first):

  • UnloadBank() no longer takes a single argument overloaded version. A memory-location pointer has to be provided as the second argument.
  • An iOS-specific API is added to handle audio interruptions: AK::SoundEngine::iOS::ListenToAudioSessionInterruption().
  • The Windows version of GetGameObjectFromPlayingID() returns GameObject ID in 32bit for both Windows 32bit and 64bit (truncation).
  • PostEvent() and GameObject-related APIs now accept null as the GameObject input argument to affect the global scope.
  • PostEvent() callbacks are serialized and occur on the start of the next game frame instead of being called from the audio thread. Therefore no synchronization mechanism is necessary.
  • AK::Monitoring::SetLocalOutput() has been replaced by AkCallbackManager.SetMonitoringCallback().
  • AK::SoundEngine::SetPosition() has been replaced by AkSoundEngine.SetObjectPosition().
  • External Sources arrays in PostEvent() are limited to one source.
  • Streaming sounds should not be done at the same time as level data is loaded from disk.
  • Several AK::SoundEngine::DynamicSequence API functions are renamed in their Unity API binding to maintain clarity. This is a remedy to compensate for the namespace-flattening side effects caused by SWIG. For example, AK::SoundEngine::DynamicSequence::Open() would have become AkSoundEngine.Open() in the generated API. So we rename it into AkSoundEngine.DynamicSequenceOpen() in the API binding.
  • C++ overloaded operators are renamed into functions in the Unity scripting language; for example, AkArray::operator[] becomes AkPlaylistArray.ItemAtIndex(uint uiIndex). This is done according to how SWIG is designed to handle C++ overloaded operators.
  • Unsupported API and components:
    • iOS audio input callback API
    • AkSpeakerVolumeMatrixCallbackInfo
    • AkSpeakerVolumeMatrixBusCallbackInfo
    • AkBusCallbackFunc
    • AK::SoundEngine::RegisterBusVolumeCallback
    • AK::SoundEngine::RegisterCodec
    • AK::SoundEngine::RegisterPlugin
    • AK::SoundEngine::Query::AkGameObjectsList
    • AK::SoundEngine::Query::GetActiveGameObjects()
    • AK::SoundEngine::Query::GameObjDst
    • AK::SoundEngine::Query::AkRadiusList
    • AK::SoundEngine::Query::GetMaxRadius(AkRadiusList & io_RadiusList)
    • AK::SoundEngine::DynamicSequence::ResolveDialogueEvent(const char*, const char**, AkUint32, AkPlayingID)
    • AK::SoundEngine::DynamicSequence::ResolveDialogueEvent(const wchar_t*, const wchar_t**, AkUint32, AkPlayingID)
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