Chevrolet Camaro - Crankcase Audio REV

Crankcase Audio REV is a source plug-in using granular synthesis and runtime DSP.

[Note] Note

Mac Authoring Tool: Users cannot use Crankcase Audio REV.

To listen to Camaro SS - CrankcaseAudio REV example:

  1. Select the sound Camaro SS - CrankcaseAudio REV in the Project Explorer.

  2. From the Content Editor, double-click the source plug-in "Chevrolet Camaro SS" to display the Source Editor view.

  3. Play the sound.

  4. Click on the Drive button in the REV source plug-in and move the cursor left and right to 'drive' the vehicle.

[Note] Note

This example shows the plug-in doing the full car engine simulation. That may suit certain games just right. For games needing more control over the car simulation, it's possible to control the car throttle, RPM, gear and velocity using game parameters. Again, refer to the plug-in documentation if you'd like more details on this.