Example: New York City Ambience

The New York City Ambience example shows how you can create a complex and evolving soundscape. This example uses a blend container to alter game sounds based on two parameters: Time of day and Rain Intensity.

To listen to the New York City Ambience example:

  1. Load the “24h New York City Ambience” Blend Container or the “Play_24h_New_York_City_Ambience” Event into the Transport Control.

  2. In the Transport Control, click RTPCs.

  3. Set “Rain_Intensity” and “Time” to 0.

  4. Start the playback and move the “Time” game parameter very slowly to the right. “Time” ranges from 0 to 240, so ten units represent one hour.

  5. Move the “Rain_Intensity” game parameter slowly to hear the rain falling on the city.

    The ambient sounds subtly disappear as the rain becomes stronger. The Rain_Intensity game parameter also modifies the volume and low pass filter properties of many of the objects inserted on certain blend tracks.

A single blend container containing nine tracks has been used for this example. Each of the blend tracks contains one or several sounds or Random Containers. Before looking at the Blend Track Editor, you can look at the behavior settings of each Random Container to understand how each of these has been set up. The transitions options should be of particular interest.