Example: SoundSeed Impact

Game audio content creators strive to create realistic and immersive audio soundscapes for games. Compelling audio content requires many sound variations to help reduce repetition which can contribute to several negative aspects of gameplay, including player fatigue and a loss of realism and player immersion.

Unfortunately, the need for many sound variations results in a high memory consumption to accommodate multiple sound asset variations. SoundSeed Impact allows you to create many unique sound variations at runtime using a single audio source file, thus reducing the impact on storage and memory.

SoundSeed Impact models a wide range of resonant impact type sounds, which means you can use it to create many different sounds in your game. Furthermore, the compromise between audio quality and performance can be controlled at runtime along with other model parameter transformations that allow you to dynamically control a sound's characteristics in real time.

The main advantages of using SoundSeed Impact are to:

  • Increase sound variety through synthesis of multiple sound instances from a single template sound.

  • Reduce memory requirements by storing compact parameter sets instead of entire audio files for each variation.

  • Increase interactivity by controlling synthesis parameters based on context-specific (possibly physics related) run-time parameters.