Chapter 1. Welcome to the Wwise Cube Integration

Audiokinetic integrated the Wwise sound engine into the first person shooter game Cube. This version of Cube was provided to help you better understand how to integrate the Wwise sound engine into your game and provides a functional game for sound designers to experiment with Wwise. This game was chosen as an example for the simplicity of its structure, and because it is relatively easy to modify, if needed.

Using the Sound Engine

The project provides you with information on how the Wwise sound engine has been integrated into Cube. This Help document is divided into two main sections to provide you with comprehensive information about the integration of the Wwise sound engine into Cube.

  • Understanding Wwise's Sound Engine Integration into Cube - Shows you how the Wwise sound engine was integrated in Cube.

  • The Wwise Project - Details important components of the Wwise project and shows how to connect Wwise to the game, modify sound properties live, and integrate these changes using newly generated SoundBanks.

The Audiokinetic Cube Package

The Audiokinetic Cube Package includes the following components:

  • Debug, profile, and release versions of Audiokinetic's Cube game

  • A Wwise project that was used to modify and add sounds to the game

  • The Cube game engine source code and documentation