Monitoring Errors

Most of the SDK functions will return error code when something wrong happens. The Sound Engine, however, runs on its own thread, so it is possible that errors may occur without receiving a direct notification.

There are several different ways to detect errors in the Sound Engine. You can do any of the following:

  • Check error code returned by functions in the SDK.
  • Validate the error code that is sent in a callback specified on the sync call. This only applies when using asynchronous functions.
  • Call the function AK::Monitor::SetLocalOutput() to Enable/Disable local output of monitoring messages and errors.
  • Connect the Wwise authoring application to the game using either the DEBUG or PROFILE setups. Before doing so, make sure communications are properly initialized: Initializing Communications
  • Monitor messages posted by the game using the functions AK::Monitor::PostString() and AK::Monitor::PostCode().