Linux-Specific Information

This page contains information that is specific to using the Wwise SDK for the Linux platform.

Platform Requirements

The Sound Engine has a dependency on the SDL2 library, which is used for audio output.

Building SDK samples and source code

Generic makefiles are provided; some environment variables must be defined to build for a given target. Here are the settings to use for various targets:

  • Linux_x32 (Intel x86 32-bits)
    • AK_LINUX_ARCH=x32
    • CFLAGS=-msse2
  • Linux_x64 (Intel x86 64-bits)
    • AK_LINUX_ARCH=x64
  • Linux_armeabi-v6-hf (Raspberry Pi)
    • AK_LINUX_ARCH=armeabi-v6-hf

Additionally, the config environment variable can be set to debug, profile, or release to select the corresponding build configuration; if not specified, the debug configuration will be used.