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What's New in 2015.1.8?

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2015.1.7 and version 2015.1.8.

API changes

On Windows, the calls AK::GetDeviceID, AK::GetDeviceIDFromName, and AK::GetWindowsDeviceName must be called after CoInitialize (Microsoft's COM API) has been called for the calling thread.

Platform SDK Changes

  • WG-30238 Linux: iZotope plug-ins now available.
  • WG-30383 PS4: Updated SDK to 3.500.
  • WG-30384 Xbox One: Updated XDK to March 2016.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-27354 Fixed: Trivial assert when bypassing an out-of-place Effect, such as TimeStretch, inserted on a 0.1 (LFE) source.
  • WG-29313 Fixed: Crash when running Profile_EnableAsserts configuration without custom assert hook.
  • WG-29851 Fixed: Crash in CAkMidiNoteEvent::ScheduleMidiEvent() when Default memory pool is full.
  • WG-29865 Fixed: Assert in AK::StreamMgr::CAkAutoStmBase::GetThroughput().
  • WG-29820 Fixed: Crash in CAkRTPCSubscriberNode::PushParamUpdate_Scoped() when Default memory pool is full.
  • WG-29925 Fixed: (iOS) Game freezes after connecting a Bluetooth headphone.
  • WG-30026 Fixed: (Windows 7) XAudio2.7 can't be used on Win 7, which leads to crash or no sound.
  • WG-30035 Increased Default Stack Size to 64 KB for all POSIX platforms.
  • WG-30080 Fixed: Crash in CAkClipAutomation::GetValue after running out of memory.
  • WG-30111 Fixed: (iOS) AudioSessionCategoryAmbient doesn't work in Unity.
  • WG-30146 Fixed: When generating SoundBanks, the Init.txt definition file was not re-generated if the file does not exist and there were no new changes to Init.bnk.
  • WG-30196 Fixed: Div by 0 in AkResamplerSIMD.cpp.
  • WG-30242 Fixed: Infinite hang in Wwise Authoring when generating SoundBanks with music objects.
  • WG-30269 Fixed: (PS4) AT9 bank source starvations when pitch is lowered by a large amount over one frame.
  • WG-30280 Fixed: (Android) Rare crash in CAkSinkOpenSL at start-up.
  • WG-30323 Fixed: Random crash in CAkRTPCMgr::AkRTPCSubscription::PushUpdate.
  • WG-30391 Fixed: An occasional assert triggered when pausing/resuming sounds with modulators.
  • WG-30399 Fixed: RTPCs on attachment properties become broken after live-updating an RTPC curve.
  • WG-30484 Fixed: High Default Pool memory fragmentation when using many RTPC subscriptions.
  • WG-30492 Fixed: StringHelp::SplitWords raises an exception in the std::locale constructor.