Audio Programmer Responsibilities

The audio programmer is responsible for:

  • Integrating the Wwise sound engine into the game engine.

  • Integrating audio Events using code.

  • Registering game objects that emit the sounds in your game.

  • Calling AK::SoundEngine::PostEvent() methods to trigger Events that contain one or several audio actions.

  • Manage the loading and unloading of Soundbanks as specified by the Sound Designer or by the game using the Soundbanks definition file and File Packager Utility.

  • Setting the positions of 3D game objects in relation to the listener's coordinate system.

  • Triggering state and switch changes and updating real time parameter controls.

  • Setting the percentage of each environmental effect that is applied to the sounds in your game.

  • Calculating obstruction and occlusion values for each game object in relation to the listener.

  • Managing memory resources, including loading and unloading of SoundBanks, handling streaming, registering of plug-ins, and so on.

  • Writing source and effect plug-ins. The sound engine's plug-in architecture allows game developers to expand Wwise's functionality to meet their specific game requirements.

  • Integrating SoundFrame into your development tools.