Creating Simulations

With all game projects, there is a great deal of experimenting that goes on to make everything just right. To assist you with these tasks, Wwise has a powerful simulation environment called the Soundcaster. The Soundcaster can be used at any point in the development process to build audio and motion simulations using any of the Wwise objects and Events in your project.

You can use the Soundcaster for a variety of tasks, including:

  • Prototyping and experimenting.

  • Developing a proof of concept.

  • Auditioning sound and music objects simultaneously.

  • Profiling audio and motion in your game.

  • Mixing and testing audio and motion.

Not only can you create simulations in Wwise using Wwise Events, sound, motion, and music objects, but you can also connect to a game and create simulations using the sounds, motion, and music triggered by the game itself. The simulations you create can be saved as Soundcaster sessions so that you can return to a simulation at any point in the development process.