Introducing Wwise

Based on a profound understanding of the needs of both sound designers and audio programmers, Audiokinetic has created Wwise, an innovative solution dedicated to the art of audio design. Several years in the making, Wwise has been developed with the following premises in mind:

  • Providing a complete authoring solution.

  • Redefining the production workflow for audio and motion.

  • Improving pipeline efficiency.

  • Pushing the boundaries of gameplay immersion using audio and motion.

This powerful and comprehensive audio pipeline solution consists of the following:

  • A powerful authoring application—a non-linear authoring tool for creating audio and motion asset structures, defining propagation, managing sound, music, and motion integration, profiling playback, and creating SoundBanks.

  • An innovative sound engine— a sophisticated sound engine that manages audio and motion processing, performs a comprehensive set of diverse functions, and is highly optimized for each platform.

  • A game simulator—a LUA script interpreter that reproduces exactly how sounds and motion will behave in the game, allowing you to validate specific behaviors and profile the performance of Wwise on each platform before the integration of Wwise into your game's sound engine.

  • A plug-in architecture—a completely scalable plug-in architecture for quickly expanding the audio immersion in the game. Several plug-ins are available, including:

    • Source plug-ins for generating audio and motion, such as a tone generator.

    • Effect plug-ins for creating audio effects, such as a reverb.

  • An interface between Wwise and world builders (SoundFrame®)—a unique plug-in interface with external game world builders or 3D applications that enables external applications to seamlessly communicate with Wwise. From SoundFrame, you can easily modify everything that can normally be modified using the Sound Engine API.