Scope - Game Object vs Global

By using game objects, Wwise introduces the concept of scope, which was discussed briefly in the Events section. The scope determines the level at which properties and Events are applied to the sounds in your game. You now have the choice to apply these elements at the game object level or globally. The specific situation and/or action that is taking place in game, will determine the scope and ultimately the approach you take in Wwise.

For example, let's say you are creating a first-person shooter game. The main character in your game must navigate the city streets to capture the enemy's flags. As the character walks through the city, you will hear his footsteps. If want to change the properties or sounds associated with these footsteps, you will only want to apply these changes locally at the level of the game objects specifically related to the main character's feet. On the other hand, if your character submerges himself underwater, all the sounds that continue to play within the surrounding environment, such as explosions and vehicles, will need to be modified. In cases like these, you will want the changes to be made on a global scale.