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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
Release Notes 2016.2.2

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2016.2.1 and version 2016.2.2.

Platform SDK Changes

  • WG-32419 Linux: Crankcase REV plug-in now available.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-30561 Fixed: Divide by Zero exception thrown in Meter FX.
  • WG-30641 Fixed: Incorrect return value and broken internal state when IReadBytes::ReadString has insufficient buffer size.
  • WG-31068 Fixed: (PS4) Issue when disconnecting and reconnecting headphones.
  • WG-31287 Fixed: Unloading a SoundBank containing MIDI doesn't stop the sound and waits.
  • WG-31663 Fixed: Game Parameter Simulation Value is not available in a control surface binding.
  • WG-31703 Fixed: Importing a folder does not respect object hierarchy.
  • WG-31895 Fixed: Custom References and Properties cannot be linked/unlinked from the Multi Editor on some object types.
  • WG-31907 Fixed: Clicking on reference properties while in the Multi Editor wrongly replaces the current value.
  • WG-32019 Fixed: Crash when selecting no object in Music Transition source/destination browser.
  • WG-32021 Fixed: Crash when connecting if Switch Containers are not synchronized (WALSwitchCntr::SetSwitchGroup).
  • WG-32026 Fixed: Interactive Music PlayBack Speed not always updated by RTPC.
  • WG-32076 Fixed: Content of the WCUSTOMPROPERTIES file is empty after modifying custom properties in Project Settings.
  • WG-32192 Fixed: The Advanced Profiler incorrectly displays Game Object in Voices tab when playing in multiple secondary outputs.
  • WG-32250 Fixed: AK::StreamMgr::IAkIOHookDeferred::Cancel() is only called once for a given transfer even if it changes io_bCancelAllTransfersForThisFile from true to false.
  • WG-32309 Fixed: LoadBank() failing caused by unreferenced modulator.
  • WG-32320 Fixed: Convolution Reverb crash on ambisonics input.
  • WG-32357 Fixed: When Convolution Reverb is used on a bus with an ambisonic order higher than that of the IR, the dry level is not applied to excess channels.
  • WG-32396 Fixed: Ambisonics may break in SCE Audio 3D plug-in when using lots of high priority panned objects.
  • WG-32417 Fixed: (iOS) Crash on sink initialization with iOS 10.3 Beta.
  • WG-32421 Fixed: Wrong mapping of input channels when using SetMultiplePositions with AkChannelEmitter.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-31785: Added Simplified Chinese as a User Preferences, Documentation, Language option for the Wwise Help.
    Note: The Chinese translation of the Help documentation is still ongoing. You will encounter many sentences still in English. However, rest assured that the material is accurate and up to date.