Wwise SDK 2021.1.6
네임스페이스 목록
다음은 모든 네임스페이스에 대한 목록입니다. (간략한 설명만을 보여줍니다) :
[상세 단계 123]
 NAK Audiokinetic namespace
 NSpatialAudio Audiokinetic spatial audio namespace
 NReverbEstimation Audiokinetic reverb estimation namespace
 NSpeakerVolumes Multi-channel volume definitions and services
 NMatrix Volume matrix (multi-in/multi-out channel configurations) services
 NVector Volume vector services
 NStreamMgr Audiokinetic Stream Manager's implementation-specific interfaces of the Low-Level IO submodule
 NWin32 Win32 namespace
 NSourceControlContainers Source Control Containers namespace
 NAkFileParser Public data structures for converted file format
 NAKPLATFORM Platform-dependent helpers