Unleash your potential as an audio programmer or sound designer by learning the most reputable interactive audio software, Wwise. Audiokinetic has partnered with more than 250 schools to ensure that learning Wwise is accessible, enjoyable and a rewarding head start towards a prosperous interactive audio career.

Licensed Schools are registered with Audiokinetic to teach Wwise, and follow Wwise Certification learning material provided by Audiokinetic. Learn Wwise while building your network of future interactive audio peers!

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Certified Schools are registered with Audiokinetic to teach Wwise, and their programs are conducted by Certified Wwise Instructors. Certified Wwise Instructors have completed an advanced Audiokinetic teaching program and have demonstrated their ability to teach the Wwise certification course material in accordance with our high standards. Students who have completed the Wwise-101 Certification program at a Certified School will therefore be granted the Wwise-110 Certification instead, in recognition of their certified education program.

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