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virtual AKRESULT AK::StreamMgr::IAkIOHookBlocking::Write ( AkFileDesc in_fileDesc,
const AkIoHeuristics in_heuristics,
void *  in_pData,
AkIOTransferInfo io_transferInfo  
) [pure virtual]

Writes data to a file (synchronous). Write data to the file described by in_fileDesc, from address in_pData and with size and position passed within io_transferInfo. When transfer is complete, return with the proper return code.

File position passed in io_transferInfo takes the offset of this file relative to AkFileDesc::hFile (described with AkFileDesc::uSector). It is computed by the high-level device as "in_fileDesc.uSector * Block_Size + Stream_Position", where Block_Size is obtained via AK::StreamMgr::IAkLowLevelIOHook::GetBlockSize().
  • AK_Success: transfer was successful.
  • AK_Fail: an error occured.
in_fileDesc  File descriptor.
in_heuristics  Heuristics for this data transfer.
in_pData  Data to be written.
io_transferInfo  Synchronous data transfer info.