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virtual bool AK::Wwise::IAudioPlugin::GetLicenseStatus ( const GUID &  in_guidPlatform,
AK::Wwise::Severity out_eSeverity,
LPWSTR  out_pszMessage,
unsigned int  in_uiBufferSize  
) [pure virtual]

Retrieve the licensing status of the plug-in for the given platform.

True if the license is valid, False if the license is expired or not present (the plug-in will then be omitted from SoundBanks).
See also:
in_guidPlatform  GUID of the platform
out_eSeverity  (Optional) If set, the string placed in out_pszMessage will be shown in the log with the corresponding severity.
out_pszMessage  Pointer to the buffer that will hold the message string
in_uiBufferSize  Size of the buffer pointed by out_pszMessage (in number of WCHAR, including null terminator)

Implemented in AK::Wwise::DefaultAudioPluginImplementation.