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virtual int AK::Wwise::ISourceControlUtilities::PromptMessage ( HWND  in_hWnd,
LPCWSTR  in_pszText,
LPCWSTR  in_pszCaption,
LPWSTR  out_pszInput,
UINT  in_uiInputSize,
bool  in_bIsPassword  
) [pure virtual]

This function show a dialog with a edit field and allow the user enter input string

This function is not thread-safe.
The window results of the dialog: IDOK or IDCANCEL
in_hWnd  The window handle of the dialog
in_pszText  The text to be displayed in the message box
in_pszCaption  The caption of the message box
out_pszInput  The buffer to receive the user input
in_uiInputSize  The size of the buffer to receive input
in_bIsPassword  True to hide text; used for passwords