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virtual bool AK::Wwise::ISourceControlUtilities::ShowBrowseForFolderDialog ( LPCWSTR  in_pszDialogTitle,
LPWSTR  out_pszChoosenPath,
UINT  in_uiChoosenPathSize,
LPCWSTR  in_pszRootPath = NULL  
) [pure virtual]

Show a browse for folder dialog.

This function is not thread-safe.
The resulting path is set in out_pszChoosenPath
True if user clicked OK, false if user clicked Cancel
in_pszDialogTitle  The dialog title
out_pszChoosenPath  The choosen path
in_uiChoosenPathSize  The size of the buffer to receive path (out_pszChoosenPath)
in_pszRootPath  The root path for the browse for folder dialog