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Concept: Advanced Playback Settings - Playback Limit and Priority

At any moment in a game, you can have many sounds playing at the same time, even to the point where more sounds will be triggered than the hardware can handle. To effectively manage the number of sounds that are played, you must determine how many sounds can play simultaneously and which sounds take priority.

In Wwise, there are two main properties that can help you determine which sounds will be played in game:

  • Playback limit — Specifies a limit to the number of sound instances that can be played at any one time.
  • Playback priority — Specifies the importance of one sound object relative to another.

Additionally, you may decide to set some sounds to not being killed when over limit, but instead to

  • Adopt a virtual behavior
  • or
  • Continue to play when over limit. (When too many sounds have their virtual behavior set to “Continue to play”, you may end up in situations where limits are exceeded.)

These advanced playback settings are defined within Wwise by the sound designer. For more information on specifying these Advanced Settings and how they affect playback, refer to Defining the Advanced Properties for Objects and Busses in the Adding Flavor to Your Sounds : Managing the Priority of Sounds section of the Wwise documentation.