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AkDeviceData Struct Reference

Device descriptor. More...

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Public Attributes

AkDeviceID  deviceID
  Device ID.
AkUInt32  uMemSize
  IO memory pool size.
AkUInt32  uMemUsed
  IO memory pool used.
AkUInt32  uAllocs
  Cumulative number of allocations.
AkUInt32  uFrees
  Cumulative number of deallocations.
AkUInt32  uPeakRefdMemUsed
  Memory peak since monitoring started.
AkUInt32  uUnreferencedCachedBytes
  IO memory that is cached but is not currently used for active streams.
AkUInt32  uGranularity
  IO memory pool block size.
AkUInt32  uNumActiveStreams
  Number of streams that have been active in the previous frame.
AkUInt32  uTotalBytesTransferred
  Number of bytes transferred, including cached transfers.
AkUInt32  uLowLevelBytesTransferred
  Number of bytes transferred exclusively via low-level.
AkReal32  fAvgCacheEfficiency
  Total bytes from cache as a percentage of total bytes.
AkUInt32  uNumLowLevelRequestsCompleted
  Number of low-level transfers that have completed in the previous monitoring frame.
AkUInt32  uNumLowLevelRequestsCancelled
  Number of low-level transfers that were cancelled in the previous monitoring frame.
AkUInt32  uNumLowLevelRequestsPending
  Number of low-level transfers that are currently pending.
AkUInt32  uCustomParam
  Custom number queried from low-level IO.
AkUInt32  uCachePinnedBytes
  Number of bytes that can be pinned into cache.

Detailed Description

Device descriptor.

Definition at line 138 of file IAkStreamMgr.h.

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