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AkStreamData Struct Reference

Stream statistics. More...

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Public Attributes

AkUInt32  uStreamID
  Unique stream identifier.
AkUInt32  uPriority
  Stream priority.
AkUInt64  uFilePosition
  Current position.
AkUInt32  uTargetBufferingSize
  Total stream buffer size (specific to IAkAutoStream).
AkUInt32  uVirtualBufferingSize
  Size of available data including requested data (specific to IAkAutoStream).
AkUInt32  uBufferedSize
  Size of available data (specific to IAkAutoStream).
AkUInt32  uNumBytesTransfered
  Transfered amount since last query (Accumulate/Reset).
AkUInt32  uNumBytesTransferedLowLevel
  Transfered amount (from low-level IO only) since last query (Accumulate/Reset).
AkUInt32  uMemoryReferenced
  Amount of streaming memory referenced by this stream.
AkReal32  fEstimatedThroughput
  Estimated throughput heuristic.
bool  bActive
  True if this stream has been active (that is, was ready for I/O or had at least one pending I/O transfer, uncached or not) in the previous frame.

Detailed Description

Stream statistics.

Definition at line 174 of file IAkStreamMgr.h.

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