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Complete Changelist

The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2013.2.9 and version 2014.1.

Platform SDK updates (2014.1 beta 1)

  • WG-24801 (iOS) Added support for the ARM64 architecture.

Platform SDK updates (2014.1 beta 2)

  • WG-25720 (iOS) Added iOS 8 support

Platform SDK updates (2014.1 final)

  • 3DS updated to SDK 7.2.1
  • Xbox One XDK updated to September 2014
  • PS4 SDK updated to 1.750
  • WiiU SDK updated to 2.10.12
  • iOS SDK updated to 8.0

New Features (2014.1 beta 1)

Refer to New Features for more details.

New Features (2014.1 beta 2)

  • WG-25445 Expose in SoundbanksInfo.xml if a soundbank contains XMA or not.

New Features (2014.1 final)

  • WG-25900 (3DS) Expose core selection
  • WG-25864 The new macro allows passing the list of SoundBanks to a custom generation step via a .txt file on the file system (to avoid command-line length limitations when generating a large number of SoundBanks). CopyStreamedFiles was updated to support this feature.

API Changes (2014.1 beta 1)

API Changes (2014.1 beta 2)

  • WG-24628 (iOS) Ak::SoundEngine::iOS::Suspend and WakeupFromSuspend are now part of the Ak::SoundEngine namespace (all platforms).
  • WG-24990 AkSinkType is now split into AkAudioAPI (used with Ak::SoundEngine::Init) and AkAudioOutputType (used with Ak::SoundEngine::AddSecondaryOutput)

API Changes (2014.1 final)

  • WG-25586 (iOS) It is mandatory for the user to implement custom policies for pausing and resuming the sound engine explicitly in the user Interruption callback.
  • WG-25586 (iOS) Removed the flag that was used to bypass the user callback from ListenToAudioSessionInterruption() API. The user callback is now called at all times.

Behavior Changes (2014.1 beta 1)

  • WG-19458 Query on properties now do not return results if the property is not really being used because it is using its parent override instead.
  • WG-22295 Improvements to Converted File ID assignment, preserving existing IDs when reusing media in new objects.
  • WG-25210 AkSpeakerVolumeMatrixCallbackInfo callback called for every connection from a voice to a bus, for example once to the direct/dry output, and once for each send to auxiliary busses.

Behavior Changes (2014.1 beta 2)

  • WG-25753 Xbox One final mixing is always 7.1 as per Microsoft's guidelines.

Performance Changes

  • WG-24453 Audio File Conversion makes better use of multi-core machines during SoundBank Generation.

Miscellaneous Changes (2014.1 beta 1)

  • WG-23663 Subversion SDK was updated to 1.8.5
  • WG-24487 New C++-based CopyStreamedFiles helper application replaces the C#-based AkCopyStreamedFiles sample tool. It is available in both Windows and Mac builds of the authoring application.
  • WG-24488 (Mac Authoring): Added Sample Project and Wwise Project Adventure.
  • WG-25309 (Android) Exception handling and RTTI now disabled, like all other platforms.

Miscellaneous Changes (2014.1 beta 2)

  • WG-25139 (Mac) Added sample code for Mac sink plugin.
  • WG-25713 Perforce SDK was updated to Perforce 2014.1

Miscellaneous Changes (2014.1 final)

  • WG-25139 (Mac) Added sample code for Mac sink plugin (CoreAudio).

Bug Fixes (2014.1 beta 1)

  • WG-19832 Fixed: Bus ducking was misbehaving when the recovery time was specified but less than 21 ms.
  • WG-20383 Fixed: When a sound is shorter that its prefetch time, it may be impossible to prepare prefetch data in memory.
  • WG-21868 Fixed: Crash in CAkSegmentCtx::NotifyAction when the first music segment is shorter than the pre-entry of the next segment.
  • WG-23324 Fixed: Incorrect HDR window position in bus output mode.
  • WG-23588 Fixed: (iOS) crash when using playAndRecord audio session category while allowing inter-app audio mixing.
  • WG-23777 Fixed: Ordering of back channels for rendered effects is wrong when sounds have an LFE.
  • WG-23837 Fixed: Unsafe prefetch relocation (swap soundbanks while a streamed "zero-latency" sound is playing) with hardware decoders.
  • WG-23871 Fixed: Streamed sounds may be put in prebuffering mode even if data is readily available in stream manager cache. This results in unnecessary latency.
  • WG-23916 Fixed: Mute Action on Busses not working in Wwise authoring (intermittent bug)(authoring tool only).
  • WG-24236 Fixed: Situation when disconnecting Wwise authoring from the game could invalidate parameters set on positioning.
  • WG-24610 Fixed: Crash when sorting certain columns in Advanced Profiler.
  • WG-24649 Fixed: Convolution reverbs IR uselessly re-converted when closing and re-opening the Wwise project.
  • WG-24737 Fixed: Voice goes below threshold if dry attenuation is at -200 dB even if wet attenuation is above threshold.
  • WG-24800 Fixed: Cannot import 6.x files.
  • WG-24804 Fixed: Audio sent to secondary device even if associated listener is not active.
  • WG-24817 Fixed: Moving nested work units break the connection at next load.
  • WG-24819 Fixed: (Mac) crash in microphone demo in IntegrationDemo.
  • WG-25001 Fixed: Crash after setting speaker angles for stereo or 5.1 configurations for a platform/project that uses 7.1 bus configurations.
  • WG-25003 Fixed: Virtual voice may not become physical again if it relies on its send volume to do so.
  • WG-25061 Fixed: Below threshold voices are not kicked first by the playback limit system.
  • WG-25066 Fixed: "Reset Bus Volume All" action scope should always be global.
  • WG-25070 Fixed: UI Incorrect output peak Y-axis ruler when the value is in dB.

Bug Fixes (2014.1 beta 2)

  • WG-22242 Fixed: (Mac Authoring Tool) Can't delete an object in the Project Explorer using the "Delete" key.
  • WG-24600 Fixed: (Xbox One) XMA with sample rate different than 48KHz does not seek at the proper location.
  • WG-24845 Fixed: Fix unused variable compilation warnings.
  • WG-25067 Fixed: Audio-To-Motion doesn't work for sounds routed to controller-speakers.
  • WG-25110 Fixed: Music notifications not posted when the event (cue, grid) occurs within the last audio frame of the segment's life.
  • WG-25502 Fixed: Soundbank generation could crash if Original wav file path exceeds Windows max path when converting to Vorbis.
  • WG-25571 Fixed: Some queries will make the Wwise authoring application crash.
  • WG-25587 Fixed: (Xbox One) Wrong behavior when Xbox One outputs in 5.1.
  • WG-25618 Fixed: Useless error codes returned from LoadBank when file is not found with POSIX.
  • WG-25623 Fixed: CrossfadingParameterRef in Preset folder is not migrated correctly.
  • WG-25655 Fixed: Music Switch Editor string sorting in the path list is inconsistent.
  • WG-25663 Fixed: SetRTPCValue for Positioning Type applied globally.
  • WG-25670 Fixed: eventID value returned in AK_EndOfEvent callback is wrong.
  • WG-25721 Fixed: Possible crash in SetSwitchInternal.
  • WG-25738 Fixed: HDR Envelope Tracking is not working for external sources.
  • WG-25746 Fixed: Wrong error message for minimum number of samples with Atrac9.
  • WG-25751 Fixed: (Vita) Cannot stream 2 ATRAC9 sounds with less than 4 megs of streaming memory.
  • WG-25755 Fixed: XAudio2 does not load correctly in some scenarios (add LoadLibrary workaround).
  • WG-25756 Fixed: Possible converted file ID conflict when opening the project.
  • WG-25761 Fixed: Missing source solution file Visual Studio 2013.
  • WG-25770 Fixed: (Vita Hardware) Vita Delay Effect is not working.
  • WG-25772 Fixed: Crankcase REV possible crash during conversion on multiple threads
  • WG-25779 Fixed: Changing a plug-in media file does not update the ConvertedFileIDList, updated on project reload.

Bug Fixes (2014.1 final)

  • WG-24404 Fixed: (Android, iOS, Mac, PS4) CAkIOThread - Fixed mutex attribute cleanup in case of kernel resource allocation failure.
  • WG-25057 Fixed: (Xbox One) Xbox One Controller motion left trigger active when it should not.
  • WG-25448 Fixed: (PS4) Assert with AT9 when pitch is over 2400 cents. Will be clamped to a maximum of 4 times the original pitch.
  • WG-25586 Fixed: (iOS) In IntegrationDemo, Dynamic Dialogue demo test events accumulate and blast out altogether after an audio interruption has ended.
  • WG-25658 Fixed: (Windows Store) Illegal use of HandleRef in windows store app Unity scripts.
  • WG-25727 Fixed: Can't load Wwise project with whitespace in comments.
  • WG-25745 Fixed: (iOS) IntegrationDemo audio crackles when you playback music from the Apple Music app in some scenarios.
  • WG-25783 Fixed: Memory caused by CancelEventCallback in Unity.
  • WG-25787 Fixed: (Mac Authoring) Wwise fails to migrate older Wwise projects.
  • WG-25789 Fixed: Play button of Transport Control gets stuck.
  • WG-25800 Fixed: Out-of-bounds memory access at the end of certain vorbis files.
  • WG-25819 Fixed: Crash when Don't Follow Listener Orientation was used with a sound playing on a game object that had no listener.
  • WG-25838 Fixed: (Vita) Hardware Reverb Effect is broken.
  • WG-25845 Fixed: The level of signals that routed in auxiliary bus outside HDR hierarchy are erroneously considered by the HDR system.
  • WG-25848 Fixed: (iOS) Crash after waking up from suspend.
  • WG-25862 Fixed: (iOS) Failed to code-sign Game Simulator apps for iOS after upgrading to Xcode 5.0.1.
  • WG-25871 Fixed: (Linux, Android x86) Invalid aligned opcode used in Bypass_I16_2ChanSSE2 in GCC 4.6.3.
  • WG-25891 Fixed: Crash in DirectoryWatcher when doing workgroup file operations.
  • WG-25904 Fixed: Crash with Query::GetPositioningInfo when object contains LPF curve.
  • WG-25925 Fixed: (Xbox One) AK::SoundEngine::Init crashes if SHAPE is already initialized.
  • WG-25938 Fixed: MIDI Tempo Map is not processed correctly.
  • WG-25958 Fixed: Group name is missing in 'no valid switch' error message.
  • WG-25980 Fixed: Crash at command line when Perforce ask for a password.
  • WG-25988 Fixed: Crash in NotifyMusicCallbacks() in rare cases where a music switch container stops while having pending transitions.
  • WG-25982 Fixed: (Mac Authoring) Importing audio files using a tab-delimited file does not work when the audio file paths are in the Unix style.
  • WG-26006 Fixed: GetSourcePlayPosition() returns garbage during tail.
  • WG-26046 Fixed: LPF & HPF can be lost when state applied on bus with aux busses.