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What's New in 2015.1.1?

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2015.1 and version 2015.1.1

Platform SDK updates

  • Android: Updated to NDK r10e
  • Windows: Updated to Visual Studio 2015 RTM and Windows SDK 10.0.10240.0
  • Xbox One XDK updated to July 2015

Performance Changes

  • WG-27809 Removed long and unnecessary initialization of limiters' RTPCs that were not active.
  • WG-27845 Removed Effect instances' search for RTPCs, if they were never subscribed to any.
  • WG-27989 Added runtime management of active/inactive sounds to speed up updates on game parameters that have many mappings.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-27274 Fixed: CRASH when playing audio-to-motion while Windows speaker disabled.
  • WG-27662 Fixed: Wwise project does not validate uniqueness of Trigger and Dialogue Event names.
  • WG-27818 Fixed: Background music didn't play properly on Vita, PS3, or Xbox 360 in Release.
  • WG-27823 Fixed: Nuendo Connection: Mac Wwise Authoring randomly crashes after disabling/re-enabling GAC.
  • WG-27906 Fixed: SoundBank generation does not report when a SoundBank exceeds its maximum size, if the SoundBank is up to date.
  • WG-27920 Fixed: Android: Failure to init on old phones will cause crash.
  • WG-27931 Fixed: A floating point rounding error may prevent data that was pinned to cache from being used.
  • WG-27936 Fixed: Using Suspend(true) sometimes desynchronizes audio on Xbox One.
  • WG-27988 Fixed: AkSinkWasapi ignores the settings variable "uNumRefillsInVoice" and instead defaults to 1.
  • WG-27992 Fixed: Nuendo Connection: Intermittent crash in Wwise after exporting from Nuendo.
  • WG-27993 Fixed: Wrong Audio categories used for Xbox One
  • WG-28009 Fixed: Pressing F1 on the File Manager and for some effects does not show the proper help page on
  • WG-28010 Fixed: User-defined positioning is not independent for sounds playing on the same object when using SCE Audio3D.
  • WG-28011 Fixed: iOS: Audio is lost when accepting facetime call and using an AAC looping sound
  • WG-28012 Fixed: Nuendo Connection: Connection parameters change not taken into account while connected.
  • WG-28017 Fixed: ASSERT when playing streamed ADPCM and running out of memory.
  • WG-28022 Fixed: Nuendo Connection does not support UNC path as exported asset shared path.
  • WG-28033 Fixed: IntegrationDemo crash when switching from InteractiveMusic Demo to Music Sync Callback Demo during profiling.
  • WG-28038 Fixed: Multi-Channel Creator freezes on certain machines when clicking Process.
  • WG-28039 Fixed: Multi-Channel Creator output preview list filtering causes glitches in configuration combo boxes.
  • WG-28041 Fixed: Volume ramps on Master Bus are twice as slow as expected, causing discontinuities.
  • WG-28056 Fixed: (Wii U) Very rare race condition causes a crash on startup.