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What's New?

Each version of this integration matches a specific build of Unreal Engine 4. Here is what has changed in each release of the integration (in addition to upgrading to the new Unreal build).

Migration Notes
Known Issues

Unreal Engine 4.11/4.12 - Wwise 2015.1.8

  • WG-30404 Fixed: The attenuation scaling factor now properly works on AkComponents.

Unreal Engine 4.12 - Wwise 2015.1.7

  • WG-29917 Fixed: Fixed a case where the attenuation radius of AkAmbientSounds did not show up in the Editor window.
  • WG-29991 Added AkEvent String Input Field to AkAmbientSound.
  • WG-29997 Suppressed duplicate "LogAkAudio: StopAll API called" entries in the output log.
  • WG-30000 Fixed: Changed meta properties of StartAllAmbientSounds and StopAllAmbientSounds.
  • WG-30012 Fixed: Integrated GitHub pull request #5. Match the list of available platforms for SoundBank generation to the Supported Platforms under the Unreal project settings.
  • WG-30014 Fixed: Fixed a crash when starting a Play in Editor session that uses a dedicated server.
  • WG-30031 Fixed: Removed usage of the World global pointer.
  • WG-30218 Fixed: Crash when connecting the Wwise Profiler to the Android platform.
  • WG-30255 Fixed: UE4 crash when adding key to Ak Event Track in Matinee.

Unreal Engine 4.11 - Wwise 2015.1.7

  • UI-316 Fixed: Prevent a crash when starting a Play in Editor session with a dedicated server.
  • WG-29917 Fixed: Make sure the attenuation radius is visible in the Editor.
  • WG-29944 Fixed: Stop ambient sounds when stopping PIE session.

Unreal Engine 4.11 - Wwise 2015.1.6

Unreal Engine 4.10 - Wwise v2015.1.4

  • UI-265 Fixed: In the AnimNotifies, test the AkComponent's validity before using it. This reduces log spam when using UE with the -nosound option.
  • UI-270 Fixed: It is now possible to build in non-Unity mode.

Unreal Engine 4.9 - Wwise v2015.1.2

  • UI-249 Fixed: Avoid crashing when no Audio Playback device is available on Windows.
  • Added a "Spawn AkComponent at location" Blueprint node. See Spawn Ak Component at Location for more information.
  • Added support for the Mac Editor.
  • Added support for the Mac platform.
  • Added support for the iOS platform.
  • Added support for the Linux platform.

Unreal Engine 4.8 - Wwise v2015.1

  • Migrated the UE4.8 integration to Wwise 2015.1
  • Fixed a crash on Xbox One if the app manifest did not contain a definition for Wwise communication ports.

Unreal Engine 4.8 - Wwise v2014.1.5

  • UI-206 Fixed: Sounds with an attenuation can now be heard when an animation window is opened.
  • UI-212 Fixed: Added a "Load Init Bank" Blueprint node.
  • UI-213 Fixed: Added null checks in Blueprint nodes, preventing crashes.
  • UI-214 Fixed: No crash when saving an output capture to disk.
  • UI-215 Fixed: No issue with the Attenuation Scaling Factor of an AkComponent not being set when attached to an actor.
  • UI-217 Fixed: Made AkReverbVolume's collision settings visible in the details panel.
  • UI-220 Fixed: Fixed the occlusion fade behaviour for sounds that a spawn occluded.
  • UI-223 Fixed: The gathering of the max attenuations for AkEvent does not halt when the parsing of one SoundBank fails.
  • UI-226 Fixed: SoundBank generation is now performed by the 32-bit WwiseCLI.exe when the 64-bit WwiseCLI.exe is missing.
  • UI-230 Fixed: Now using OnComponentDestroyed instead of FinishDestroy to unregister Wwise Game Objects, which had caused some Game Objects to be registered for too long.
  • UI-233 Fixed: Added validity checks on actors in the GetGameObjectID function.
  • UI-234 Fixed: Multiple viewports in the SetListener function are properly handled. This fixes a crash in AkAudioDevice.cpp.
  • UI-236 Fixed: The Location Type given to the GetAkComponent Blueprint node is properly handled.
  • UI-239 Fixed: No crash at engine shutdown as a result of the Bank Manager unloading SoundBanks that might already have been destroyed.
  • Added a "Follow" checkbox to the AnimNotify_AkEvent. Leaving it unchecked will post the AkEvent at a specific location, instead of attaching to the parent.
  • Added a new AnimNotify: AnimNotify_AkEventByName, allowing to post events using their name as a string.
  • Added Debugging tools to Blueprints. For more information, see Debug Blueprint Functions

Unreal Engine 4.7 - Wwise v2014.1.3

  • Added support for the Android platform.
  • Now including a new demonstration game, based on Epic's First Person Template. For more information, see Sample Game.
  • All Wwise Integration settings now have their page in the Unreal Project Settings window. No need to manually edit INI files anymore!
  • UI-157 Fixed: When generating the SoundBanks, add the Max Attenuation information to AkEvents. It can be retrieved via Blueprints.
  • UI-187 Fixed: Allow the preview of AkEvents from the Content Browser by pressing the space bar.
  • UI-188 Fixed: When an AkAmbientSound is about to be destroyed, cancel its event callback to avoid using a destroyed object in the callback.
  • UI-189 Fixed: Added an attenuation scaling factor to AkComponent, allowing to make each actor's attenuation radius unique.
  • UI-190 Fixed: Added a new Blueprint node that allows setting the exact list of loaded SoundBanks. For more information, see Load Banks
  • UI-193 Fixed: Get the UAkAudioEventFactory directly when creating UAkAudioEvents by Drag & Drop.
  • UI-194 Fixed: Optimized the finding of AkReverbVolumes at a location.
  • UI-195 Fixed: Added blueprint_actor_posteventbyname, features_blueprintcsoundbanks_loadbyname, and Unload Bank Blueprint nodes.
  • UI-196 Fixed: Added a configuration parameter for the maximum number of concurrent Reverb Volumes applied on a sound.
  • UI-201 Fixed: Added an UAkAudioEvent to AkComponent, to bring it in sync with Unreal's AudioComponent. An AkComponent can by added in a Blueprint via drag & drop of a UAkAudioEvent. An actor with an attached AkComponent will also show its attenuation radius in the Editor.
  • UI-204 Fixed: Added code to unload auto-loaded SoundBanks.
  • UI-205 Fixed: Don't post events in a world that does not allow audio playback.
  • UI-208 Fixed: Fixed a potential crash when generating SoundBanks.

Unreal Engine 4.6 - Wwise v2014.1.1

  • UI-183 Fixed: Use the debug SoundEngine libraries when UnrealBuildTool is configured to use the debug CRT libraries (bDebugBuildsActuallyUseDebugCRT = true).
  • UI-184 Fixed: Added a billboard component to AkComponent to make them visible in the Editor.
  • UI-186 Fixed: Allow drag & drop of .bnk files in the Content Browser to create UAkAudioBank assets.

Unreal Engine 4.5 - Wwise v2014.1

  • UI-172 Fixed: Resolved assert created by the AkReverbVolumeChannel collision channel.
  • UI-174 Fixed: Optimized the "Generate SoundBanks" window.
  • UI-175 Fixed: Added preprocessor guards to remove compilation errors on platforms not supported by this integration.

August 2014 - Wwise v2014.1

  • UI-166 Fixed: Auxiliary Bus properties are now applied on Ambient Sounds contained within Reverb Volumes.
  • Updated Wwise version to 2014.1. If you wish to keep on using 2013.2.x, see Frequently Asked Questions.

August 2014 - Wwise v2013.2.9

  • Added Japanese documentation.

July 2014 - Wwise v2013.2.9

  • Added a SwitchDemo map to the UnrealWwiseDemo sample game, demonstrating the use of switches.
  • UI-161 Fixed: Removed the duplicate AkComponent created when starting an ambient sound. This prevented the Stop Ambient Sound method from working.

June 2014 - Wwise v2013.2.8

  • UI-152 Fixed: Add SoundBanks and streamed files to the packaging process.

April 2014 - Wwise v2013.2.7

  • UI-149 Fixed: Set proper default values for AkReverbVolumes.

March 2014 - Wwise v2013.2.6

  • Visual Studio 2013 is now used by default. Please refer to the Requirements page for more details.
  • UI-146 Fixed: Fixed non-unity build compilation errors.
  • UI-147 Fixed:
    • Verify the SoundEngine is initialized in the AkComponent tick function;
    • Properly set the collision channel name for AkReverbVolumes;
    • Avoid loading banks in a commandlet;
    • Removed the automatic bank creation mechanism.
  • UI-148 Fixed: Use "Get Player Controller" in the RTPCDemo Blueprint to ensure sound keeps playing when transitioning between "Simulate" and "Possess" modes in Editor.

January 2014 - Wwise v2013.2.5

  • Added an example of AkAnimNotify in ShooterGame. It is located in the FPP_RifleReload animation.
  • UI-131 Fixed: Spatialized sounds are now audible in the Animation Editor: Added a second listener for the Animation Editor window, and routed game objects created in this window to the new listener. WARNING: This fix changes the AnimNotify_AkEvent Blueprint. If you have made modifications to it, be sure to keep a backup before merging this integration.
  • UI-134 Fixed: Removed the input flag StopWhenOwnerDestroyed to GetAkComponent. It was unused and could create confusion. Added a SetStopWhenOwnerDestroyed method to the AkComponent.
  • UI-136 Fixed: Allow Wwise Authoring to communicate with an Xbox One application.
  • UI-137 Fixed: Make sure a temporary game object (created by "Post Event at Location") is subject to AAkReverbVolumes.
  • UI-138 Fixed: Prevent the Sound Engine from creating UE errors while running in a commandlet. This is a workaround. Maybe the Sound Engine should not be initialized at all.
  • UI-139 Fixed: Removed FMath::Abs on Z projection when setting listener position in SoundEngine (Unreal code has been left untouched). This allows upside down listeners.
  • UI-145 Fixed: Fixed an error in the AkComponent::SetRTPCValue method that prevented RTPCs from being properly applied.

December 2013 - Wwise v2013.2.4

  • Unreal Wwise integration now officially supports PS4 and Xbox One platforms!
  • Added platform selection to bank generation dialog box.
  • Added bank generation dialog box to build menu.
  • LinkedProject configuration parameter has been moved from Engine/Config/BaseEditor.ini to <Your Game>/Config/DefaultGame.ini.
  • Added simple occlusion support.
  • Fixed a crash when getting the UAkComponent from another component which has no owner.
  • UI-130 Fixed: Fixed performance issues with the UAkComponent::UpdateAkReverbVolumeList method.
  • UI-130 Fixed: Added a flag to the UAkComponent specifying if it is influenced by reverb volumes.
  • UI-132 Fixed: Prevent UAkComponents from ticking on server configurations.
  • UI-135 Fixed: Expose RTPC interpolation time.

October 2013 - Wwise v2013.2.1

  • Added bank generation for PlayStation4 and Xbox One.
  • Added AkReverbVolume, allowing for mapping a volume in space to a Wwise auxiliary bus.
  • UI-128 Fixed: Implemented asynchronous IO access.

September 2013 - Wwise v2013.2.1

  • Fixed build settings for Visual Studio 2012.
  • Fixed UEngine::UseSound() returning false when only AkAudioDevice is present.
  • Fixed crash in UAkComponent::PostAkEvent with null event.
  • Fixed game object position with static actor.

August 2013 - Wwise v2013.2

  • Fixed confusion between Actor, AkComponent, the Wwise game object and their respective lifespans:
    • AkComponent follows attachment semantics of Epic's AudioComponent. AkComponents are re-used when all attachment parameters match.
    • AkGameplayStatics contains global helpers targetting Actors for easy use in blueprints.
  • Fixed missing Events and Banks in SoundBank Definition File.
  • Fixed game object names in Wwise Profiler.
  • Generating SoundBanks now triggers a refresh of loaded banks.
  • Set RTPC Value global helper now supports setting a Game Parameter at global scope (no Actor target).

July 2013 - Wwise v2013.1.1

  • Added message box in case of error during SoundBank Generation.
  • New, distinct colors for Audiokinetic Event and Audiokinetic Bank asset types in the Content Browser.
  • Fixed compilation on Xbox One and PS4 platforms.
  • Fixed issue with AnimNotify_AkEvent using the wrong type.
  • Fixed update of AkComponent Game Object position.

June 2013 - Wwise v2013.1.1

  • Added DebugGame build configuration support.
  • Partial Wwise SDK now included to help setting up the integration.
  • Fixed xaudio2/mmdev DLL unload issues in Windows 64-bit build.
  • Stopped matinee movie from playing in demomap - was preventing user input from working.
  • Fixed AkAudioDevice listener position update in FLevelEditorViewportClient::UpdateAudioListener.
  • Changed the AudioDeviceModuleName default value to XAudio2 on the windows platform.

May 2013 - Wwise v2013.1.1

  • Introduced doxygen documentation.
  • Now building using Wwise 2013.1.1 build 4677.

March 2013 - Wwise v2013.1

  • Now building using Wwise 2013.1 beta build 4609.
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