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Build for Linux

The general instructions on how to build the Integration described in Build the Integration code apply to Linux as well. To test your Unity application on a Linux machine, build and deploy your app to the machine. When executing Build or Build and Run in Unity Editor, Unity generates a folder containing the compiled game. Copy this folder to the Linux machine and double-click on the .x86 (for 32 bit builds) or .x86_64 (for 64 bit builds) file in the build folder to launch the game.


Note: The Wwise Unity Integration for Linux needs libSDL2 installed on the machine to work. Without this, a "DLLNotFoundException" message is displayed when launching the game.

To install libSDL2 for Ubuntu 12.04, do the following:

Note: The requirements may vary depending on the machine's configuration. Refer to for installation instructions on other setups.
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