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Defining Interactive Music Transitions

In order to gain more control over the way music segments and music playlist containers transition, the music switch container provides the ability to author specific transition behavior.

The Transitions tab is where you define the transitions between music objects within either music playlist or music switch containers. A transition is a musical behavior you can define to be used when switching from the music object currently playing to another. Each transition has a source and a destination. An additional segment, called a transition segment, can be used as a musical bridge between the source and destination.

The Transitions tab contains the Transition Matrix, which allows you to create a set of rules that define how each object transitions to every other object within the container. You can create explicit rules for each object, or more general rules that apply to more than one object. The default Any to Any transition rule applies to all remaining undefined transitions.

The list of transitions is displayed in the Transitions tab in descending order. When a transition is needed, Wwise begins searching at the bottom of the list until it finds one that applies to the situation at hand. If no matching transition is found, Wwise uses the default Any to Any transition.

The Transitions tab and Transition Matrix