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Using the File Packager

The File Packager is a stand-alone utility that groups the SoundBanks and/or streamed media files for a Wwise project into one or more file packages to be used for a specific platform. File packages can also help you better manage language versions as well as downloadable content that is made available post release.

File packages can be created that include any of the following:

  • SoundBank files only

  • Streamed media files only

  • SoundBank files and streamed media files

All information about a Wwise project's SoundBanks and streamed media files can be retrieved by importing the SoundBanksInfo.xml file into the File Packager. The SoundBanksInfo.xml file is created automatically by Wwise each time the SoundBanks are generated.

The File Packager can be used to create your file packages manually, or the process can automated by using a command line to run the File Packager as part of SoundBank generation. This command line can be defined at the project level or as a custom SoundBank user setting.

For more information about the File Packager:

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