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Assigning Project Elements to Work Units

By default, all the elements in your project, including Sound structures, Events, and SoundBanks, are automatically assigned to their respective Default Work Units. After creating new Work Units, you can assign the different elements in your project to the newly created Work Units. You can assign a project element to a Work Unit by simply dragging it into a particular Work Unit.

[Note] Note

Before moving project elements to a new Work Unit or between existing Work Units, you should make sure that other people within your project team aren't currently working on the affected project elements.

To assign project elements to Work Units:

  1. In the Project Explorer, click one of its tabs. (These include the Audio, Events, SoundBanks, Game Syncs, ShareSets, Sessions, and Queries tabs.)

  2. Drag one or more project elements from under the Default Work Unit to one of the Work Units you created.

    The project element is now assigned to the new Work Unit.