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Calling Triggers During Playback

In addition to auditioning this object, you can also select from the list of Triggers to audition stingers. A Stinger is a brief musical phrase that is superimposed and mixed over the currently playing music. In this way you can simulate what is happening at key points in the game when a Trigger calls a Stinger to play over the current music. To learn more about creating Triggers and creating the Stingers for them that you will be auditioning in the Transport Control, refer to the following sections:

To call a Trigger during playback:

  1. Load a music object into the Transport Control.

  2. Click the Play icon.

    The music object loaded into the Transport Control will play back.

  3. In the Game Syncs area, click the Triggers button to display the Trigger list.

  4. Click the Call Trigger icon.

    The corresponding Stinger will play over the currently playing music object. You can select other Triggers and play back the corresponding Stingers to simulate the music in the game.