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Creating a Switch Group

It is helpful to organize Switches into switch groups in a logical way to make it easier to work with them. You can create all the Switch Groups that you need in the Game Syncs tab of the Project Explorer.

To create a new Switch Group for your project:

  1. In the Project Explorer, switch to the Game Syncs tab.

  2. In the Switches section, do one of the following:

    • Select a Virtual Folder or Work Unit and click the Switch Group icon in the Project Explorer toolbar.

    • Right-click a Virtual Folder or Work Unit and click New Child > Switch Group from the shortcut menu.

    A new Switch Group is added to the list of Switch Groups.

  3. Replace the default name with one that best represents the Switch Group.

    [Note] Note

    Each Switch Group name must be unique and consist only of letters, digits, and underscores. Use either a letter or underscore as the first character.

  4. Continue to add Switch Groups as needed.