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Defining the Type of Switch Container

When creating a Switch Container, you must decide whether the container will be based on states, Switches, or RTPCs. While you can select the Switch or state options in the Switch Container Property Editor, RTPCs are linked to Switch Groups in the Switch Group Property Editor. For more information on how RTPCs can be associated with Switches, refer to Mapping Game Parameter Values to Switches.

After determining the Switch type, you must also assign a Switch or State Group to the container. This defines the Switches/States/RTPCs to which objects can be assigned.

Before you can assign a State or Switch Group to the container, or use RTPCs for Switches, you must create them first. For information on creating Switch Groups, State Groups, and RTPCs, refer to:

To define the type of Switch Container:

  1. Load a Switch Container into the Property Editor.

  2. In the Switch Type group box, select one of the following options:

    • Switch to base the container on game switches.

    • State to base the container on game states.

  3. From the Group list, select the Switch or State Group that you want to assign to the container.

    The Switches/States within that group appear in the Assigned Objects pane of the Contents Editor.

  4. From the Default Switch/State list, select the Switch/State that will be played when the game cannot identify a specific Switch or State.