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Designing a Simple Sampled MIDI Instrument

Sampled instruments can use all Actor-Mixer Hierarchy containers (Blend Containers, Switch Containers, Random Containers, Sequence Containers and Sounds) for their design. The complexity of the implementation will grow with the instrument design complexity. The most simple sampled instrument would be a 1-sample instrument.

To create a 1-sample instrument:

  1. In the Project Explorer, select the location to create instrument.

  2. From the Views menu, select Audio File Importer (Shift+I).

  3. Click Add Files...

  4. Browse for a .wav file, and click OK.

  5. Click OK again to complete the import operation.

[Tip] Tip

You can also Drag & Drop a WAV file on the Actor-Mixer Hierarchy directly.

Now the instrument can be referenced as a MIDI target inside a music object (ex: Music Segment).

[Tip] Tip

Use the Source Editor to trim the imported samples. You normally want to remove any silence at the beginning of the source.