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Editing Audio Files in an External Editor

When you prepare audio files for use in game projects, you may use one or more audio editors to accomplish your tasks. After you have integrated these audio files into your project, however, you may want to edit them further. For example, you might want to cut off the end of a too-long speech, or add a note to a whistled tune. Wwise gives you the option of selecting any audio file you have already imported into your project and opening it directly in any of your favorite audio editors. In this way, you can tweak a file even after it has been integrated into your project.

[Note] Note

To use an external editor with Wwise, you must first specify each editor you want to use in the User Preferences. For more information, refer to Selecting External Audio Editors.

If you have the necessary permissions, you can select imported audio files displayed in the Project Explorer and open them directly in your choice of external audio file editor. For more information on file permissions, refer to Using Wwise with Your Source Control System.

To edit an audio file in an external editor:

  1. In the Audio tab of the Project Explorer, right-click a sound object.

    The shortcut menu is displayed.

    [Note] Note

    You can also right-click a source in the Contents Editor or a container or actor-mixer to edit multiple audio files at once.

  2. Press Ctrl-E or, from the shortcut menu, select Edit in External Editor.

    The list of available editors is displayed.

  3. Select the editor you want to use to edit the audio file.

    The object's audio file opens in the external editor you have selected.

  4. After you have finished editing the file, save it in the editor under one of the following paths:

    For sounds, save under [ProjectName]\Originals\SFX\[Filename.wav]

    For voices, save under [ProjectName]\Originals\Voices\[Language]\[Filename.wav]

    The edited media file is now ready to be played back in Wwise.

    [Caution] Caution

    Do not rename the file you have edited. Otherwise, Wwise will not be able to retrieve the file.