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FutzBox Overview

The FutzBox plug-in is designed to quickly create distorted, low fidelity signals from otherwise well recorded audio tracks. A typical FutzBox application would be changing a perfectly good dialog track into a distorted phone call, blaring radio broadcast, or megaphone announcement.

Using the library of SIMs (Simulated Impulse Responses), an overall sound derived from a phone, television, answering machine, etc. can be selected and scaled in real time. This technique aims to replicate sounds previously only available using impulse responses, in a highly optimized format with no internal latency.

Other modules available in FutzBox include audio filters, a flexible distortion section, EQ, a noise generator, a hyper active gate, and low fidelity effects including downsampling and bit depth reduction.

FutzBox also includes a wet / dry mix so 'futzed' and original audio signals can be combined, or used in some alternating fashion to match what occurs in game, replacing the current practice of running a separate 'futzed' audio track. Many of the McDSP FutzBox properties can be edited in real-time and mapped to specific Game Parameters using RTPCs. A special indicator is placed beside the property value showing whether it uses an RTPC or not.

The following table describes the two types of RTPC indicators:





A property value that is tied to an in-game parameter value using RTPCs.

RTPC - Off

A property value is not tied to an in-game parameter value.

A number of Presets have also been created to get you up and running quickly. You can use them out-of-the-box or as a starting point for an original effect.