Table of Contents


The Profiler layout allows you to capture and monitor the performance of each game element as it occurs. You can also monitor the performance of simulations triggered by the Soundcaster all before they have been integrated in game.

To help you find profiling information easily, the Profiler layout is divided into separate views:

  • Advanced Profiler: Allows you to monitor a wide range of very detailed information about the inner workings of the sound engine.

  • Capture Log: Captures and records all information about the activities of the sound engine.

  • Performance Monitor: Allows you to monitor in real time in a graph view how much of the CPU, memory, and bandwidth are being used as information is received from the sound engine.

Complementary Profiler Views

  • Voice Monitor: Allows you to monitor in real time the volume of voices or busses, as per the scope you specify.

  • Profiler Statistics: Allows you to gather statistics about some audio elements in your game, after having completed a Capture Session.