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The Project Explorer is where you manage all the elements in your Wwise project. In each of its tabs, you can create, rename, cut, copy, paste, and delete the distinctive elements that are displayed in the tab's hierarchical structure. Each tab also includes a toolbar that allows you to quickly add parent and child objects to your project hierarchy. In this one central place, you can organize and manage the various elements of your Wwise project, including audio, music, and motion assets, Busses, Events, SoundBanks, Game Syncs, and so on.

The Project Explorer is also where you can divide up your project elements into Work Units so that each member of your team can work on different parts of the project at the same time. For more information on creating Work Units, refer to Dividing Your Project into Work Units.

The Project Explorer contains the following tabs:

  • Audio - Contains all the sound, music, motion, and Bus structures in your project.

  • Events - Contains all the events, both action and dialogue, in your project.

  • SoundBanks - Contains all the SoundBanks in your project.

  • Game Syncs - Contains all the States, Switches, Triggers, and Game Parameters in your project.

  • ShareSets - Contains all the Effect and Attenuation ShareSets in your project.

  • Sessions - Contains all the Soundcaster sessions in your project.

  • Queries - Contains all the queries in your project.

To navigate through the different levels in the Project Explorer, you can expand and collapse the groups by clicking the plus (+) and minus (-) signs beside each object. Hold Ctrl while clicking to expand/collapse all child nodes.

[Tip] Expand and collapse group shortcuts

Press the right and left cursor keys or the plus (+) and minus (-) keys in the number pad to expand or collapse a selected group one node level. You can also expand and collapse all child nodes within the groups by pressing slash (/) and asterisk (*) in the number pad.