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Managing Floating Views Within a Layout

When working within a particular layout, you can have many different floating views open at any one time. You can manage these floating views efficiently using the Windows Manager. Within the Windows Manager, you can easily activate a particular floating view, maximize, minimize, and restore views, move views, and close views.

To manage floating views within a layout:

  1. From the menu bar, click Windows > Windows....

    The Windows dialog box opens.

  2. From the View Name list, select one or more of the views and then click one of the following:

    • Activate - To activate the selected floating view and bring it to the front of the stack of windows.

    • Minimize - To minimize the selected floating views.

    • Maximize - To maximize the selected floating views.

    • Restore - To restore the selected floating views that had previously been minimized or maximized to their original size and location.

    • Move To... - To move the selected floating views to a new location within your monitor(s).

    • Close Window(s) - To close the selected floating view or views.

  3. When you are finished, click Close to close the Windows dialog box.