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Modulator Editor

The Modulator Editor allows you to define the characteristics of the selected modulator. These characteristics will determine the output of the modulator, before it is applied to an RTPC. For more details on how to use modulators with RTPCs, refer to Chapter 19, Working with RTPCs.

[Note] Note

A modulator can itself have RTPCs on some of its properties, be they Game Parameters or other modulators.

[Note] Note

The RTPC cursors for LFO and Envelope modulators do not tell you their specific values at any point in time since they are determined by the modulator's internal properties.

These modulator settings can also be saved as ShareSets, which means you can share these settings across several objects in your project.

[Caution] Caution

LFO and Envelope modulators' processing time depends on their RTPC usage. For most properties, a modulator is evaluated once per audio control frame. However, for the property Voice Volume, these modulators are evaluated at every audio sample frame. Use them selectively because they can consume a significant amount of a platform's memory and CPU.