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Ordering Files within a Package

By default, all files within a package are added to the package in no particular order. You may, however, want certain files to be close to each other to minimize disk seeking during the game. You can arrange the files within a package using the File Order Editor.

Since ordering all files within a package can be time-consuming and unnecessary, the file packager allows you to arrange only those files that require ordering. All remaining files are automatically added to the ordered list using a placeholder, called 'Remaining files inserted here'. When you manually add a file to the ordered list, the file is automatically removed from the placeholder.

To order files within a package:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Double-click a package in the Packages list.

    • Select a package from the Packages list and click Edit file order.

    The File Order Editor opens.

  2. In the Package files view, select the file(s) that you want to manually arrange in a particular order.

  3. Click the Add to ordered list button.

    The file(s) are added to the next free position in the ordered list.

    [Tip] Tip

    You can also drag files from the Package files view directly to a specific position in the ordered list.

  4. If you want to re-order a file in the list, simply drag it to the new location in the ordered list.

    A horizontal line displays the insertion point.

  5. Continue to re-arrange the files until you have created a final order for the files within the package.

    [Tip] Tip

    You can remove files from File order list, by selecting the file(s) and clicking Remove from ordered list.